Barking Churches Unite




Barking Churches Unite is a charitable group representing Christian Churches & Christians across the town of Barking, who are committed to working and praying together for the transformation of our community. We believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection and uphold the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith ( Jesus prayed for unity (John 17:21), Paul commanded we make an effort to maintain it (Ephesians 4:3) and God the Father promises to bless it (Psalm 133)and bring healing to the community through it. (2 Chronicles 7:14). 

We understand that unity is not uniformity and as such we are churches that have different expressions of our faith, believing that we are here to complement rather than compete with one another, and that together as the Body of Christ in Barking we can fulfill God’s purpose for our lives in our town. 




We see a church that will stand together in prayer to see social and spiritual transformation in our community. We see a church that will pray for one another and support one another practically as the need arises and resources allow. We see a church that will rejoice in what one another is doing and where possible promote that. We see a Church that will help facilitate and support the dreams of one another in order to advance God’s kingdom in Barking.  We see a church that reaches out and meets the needs of the poor and the community, through joint ministries, initiatives and events.

HOW WE DO IT (Strategy). 


The individual churches, grouped together in 5 zones (loosely based on the Barking Wards) seek to develop and strengthen relationship with other churches and leaders.  


Our prayer strategy involves:


  1. Street prayer and joint prayer meetings in the 5 zones.

  2. Leaders including children and youth leaders, meeting regularly to pray and share with one another, to develop strong relationships.

  3. An intercessors group (BIN) praying regularly for the Barking community, the BCU ministries & events and for all the churches.




Our ministry to the poor and community involves: 


  1. Consultation across member churches to see how best to facilitate any ministries or visions that are too large for any individual or church to carry on their own.

  2. Ministries supporting the needs of the local community will be undertaken to demonstrate God’s love and His church’s care for Barking residents (ie The SOURCE, Hope4BarkingDagenham, KIdzKlub, Barking Food Bank, Street Pastors, Barking Business Chaplaincy, Young at Heart, Companions).

  3. We also support one another’s mission programmes and at specific times of the year have joint events that will take our people into the community. 



Finance will come through each partner church contributing on a regular basis and offerings may also be taken at corporate events. Where appropriate, additional funding may be sought from charitable grants.